About Us

Formed with the purpose of providing high-quality consulting services to retail finance, SME and Upcoming Entrepreneur segment.FinResearch Advisors Pvt Ltd is into the business of providing consulting

Advisory services to its clients in the areas of:

  • Business strategy.
  • Risk mitigation.
  • Execution support (LIP, PD, LPO, Operation Support).

Services targeted to meet the requirements of :

  • SME Segment/ Upcoming Entrepreneur.
  • HFCs/NBFCs (core competency in mortgage business).
  • Other institutions associated with retail finance business.

Our Key Members

Business Planning

Business Planning commences with an understanding of :

  •  Business and the risk appetite of the client (Stable business growth v/s early profitability).

  •   Available capital.

  •  Any specified focus areas.

A high-level list of activities for business planning includes the following :

  •  Define the target customer segment.

  •   Research the potential across geographies

  •  Review the competition.

  •  Define the products to be offered and corresponding processes.

  •  Define manpower, systems and infrastructure requirements.

  •  Build a detailed financial plan – Debt and Equity planning.

  •   Taxation and compliance support.

audits and reviews

  • Audit of accounting norms, for Retail Finance companies to assess the quality of underwriting and adherence to policy /processes.

  • Property valuation audits – conducting cross-valuation audits for identified properties.

  • Review of the policies and processes – identify gaps if any and suggest best practices.

  • Review of collections infrastructure and efficiency.

  • Review of portfolio / process MIS and identifying risks and need for policy / process amendments.

Project Outsourcing

Formed with the purpose of providing high-quality services we provide various services to leading Banks / NBFCs. Listed below are few of the services in which we excel.

LIP (Liquid Income Program):

This program is applicable for all those customers who are having cash rich business i.e. SME segment. Under this method, our teams of experts personally visit the clients and assess actual cash flow of the customer and use it to determine their eligibility.

PD (Personal Discussion):

The basis idea behind personal discussion is to know the repayment capacity of the borrower. We schedule an appointment with the applicant and conduct a personal discussion wherein we verify certain business related documents and gather information related to clients business model so as to present the same in verified format (PD report) which helps the credit team to appraise applicant’s credit worthiness.

CAM Report (Credit Appraisal Memo):

Credit appraisal basically refers to assessing a particular loan application or proposal thoroughly in order to gauge the repayment ability of the loan applicant. We process credit appraisals by evaluating the various important factors such as Education background, Personal background, CIBIL check, Vintage in the business, Assets owned etc.

LPO (Legal Process Outsource):

Legal Process Outsource involves outsourcing the work of attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals. Our team of legal experts can help you with any legal activities and overall Coordination with advocates/attorneys for sending Notices/Case Filings and maintaining updates of all the Legal Proceedings thereafter.

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